Starting A New Business Amidst Covid19? Read us to learn the low investment marketing strategies

Starting anew business amidst Covid19

We have almost crossed the year 2020 sitting back at home, sometimes idle, sometimes thinking of future savings and few thinking how to turn the present situation to its maximum potential. As it’s said, it’s good to sit idle or be bored as new ideas pop up in mind. That being said, if you are thinking of starting a new business amidst Covid19, this article will outline the strategies that are aligned with the current situation. 

COVID19 has changed the way people think about Online reputation or online presence. The world has shifted to the virtual world, the ecommerce industry has seen growth in leaps and bounds, the education sector has evolved by introducing AI and other IOT and much more. 

In such a situation, starting a new business amidst Covid19 or even promoting an existing business on various social networking sites is a bit easy. Hmmm,,,, How… Keep reading

1. Collaborations

Startups begin branding themselves by targeting the local market first. That means, you need to collaborate with influencers, fashionistas, bloggers, vloggers, social media sensations, reality TV stars, thought leaders or nano influencers to start with. Research on what they promote and how they promote. Their marketing strategies can kick start your business in the direction you want. 

2. Giveaways

The social media networking site- Instagram is flooded with Giveaways offers to attract people to shop and promote brands in an engaging manner. Research the latest trend and understand how the same can be utilized amid coronavirus. You can post the offer on your instagram handle and attract people in a similar way. 

3. Forums

There are different forums where you can go and promote your brands. For instance, reach out to local communities or forums or events where you can talk and promote your business or products. Find out how and where they are promoting themselves to gain insights on whether the audience is your target audience. 

4. Live show

You can also start a live video on different social media networking websites and talk in real time to the audience who connect with you. In return send them goodies to help them spread your brand through word of mouth. Remember to gain maximum attention from the audience by talking in an engaging manner. Live shows are a feature that have been in use to the maximum these days by the leading brands to talk and spread their products to the masses… Globally…

5. Micro Moments

One important thing to consider and keep in mind when starting a new business amidst Covid19 is to never be off sight. Because out of mind is out of sight. The competitive world gives a fraction of second to attract the audience and you must creatively grab that. The micro moments are those seconds where millennials distract easily. Read out this article to learn more about this. 

We have set the stage for you. Look out for the strategies and customise these according to your needs. Stay positive Stay safe.