Strategies that make ORM a great opportunity for the businesses


10 years ago, advertisements, TV commercials were hot platforms for all business entities to expand. Internet was making its way slowly and technology was picking up with the introduction of apps and their usage. Within 10 years the technological advancements showed such an exponential growth that television, print media were overtaken by the wave of apps like various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and what more, you name it and you have it. Every big and small business in today’s time dwells on this new form of publicity.

A new form of opportunity bloomed in the shape of online reputation management (ORM). Online reputation management became an important marketing tool in this world of the internet where a business or an entity could rise on fall just with a click virtually.

Just like for any campaign to succeed, it requires a good plan of action, ORM is derived by certain strategies which can vary from business to business. A study shows a whopping 80-90% of consumers are influenced by the online reviews of a business, product, or service.

Internet- a crazy tool for ORM

How often as a business, one keeps a note of how successful its page is on the google search engine, defines the seriousness of the business towards achieving the goal of its popularity on the internet. Whether is in the form of paid media(like Google Ads, social media ads, sponsored posts, or promotions by influencers) or earned media(External articles, Blogs and vlogs, and forums), a good vigil on what does an entity wants to show the consumer can be achieved through internet as most of the consumers compare and buy a product and service-based one popularity of the business on the internet.

Nestlé had to face consumer’s wrath when they were publicly criticized by Greenpeace for harmful environmental practices. Nestlé failed to respond to the rising social media crisis, it even worsened it by asking YouTube to remove the Greenpeace video. As a result, the company was forced to temporarily shut down its public page as people started posting the altered version of their Kit Kat logo all over the web.

Online Reviews – strangers opinion

As mentioned before most of the consumers, (a statistical study says 85%) trust the reviews given by people regarding a product, service on the internet. It is up to a business to manage its reviews and keep a check on what is being floated by the consumers about their services.

Smart business houses have a separate support system implemented that is dedicated to looking after customers’ feedback and complaints so that the customers are being dealt with reasonably so that they don’t end up killing their business. One such example is Nike, which is quite a busy and large organization but has got a dedicated support team that deals with anxious customers reviews.

Google reviews, Reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and other sites represent the honest (and often emotionally-charged) opinions of customers.

Online reputation management or ORM strategies will keep changing with time and technological advancements but what remains the same is the desire of the business entities to keep themselves ahead in this competitive world. Today when everything lies in the hands of consumers one review or on virtual click, ll the organizations have to keep themselves ahead so that they don’t have to face the brunt of negative publicity in any form.