Survey Conversion

survey conversion

Survey Conversion, It’s fair to say a lot of consumers are a bit survey fatigued.   But, that doesn’t negate the fact that feedback is vital for your business.  Feedback helps you to understand what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement.  Especially feedback components like testimonials and endorsements that serve as social proof in the marketplace to promote your business.  So you have to survey your clients for feedback, but how to do it well and maximize response is the question.

There are several factors that improve survey conversion.  It starts with process, having a routine that continually asks for feedback and testimonials consistently at a key point in the sales or life cycle of your client relationship.  You can best accomplish this by automating the survey process in your existing workflow through your CRM, invoicing system or POS.  Integrating your feedback requests so it doesn’t become another task that you fall in and out of habit.  Survey automation allows you to play the long game, getting feedback over time so you can see trends and shifts and continually improve your business.

High survey conversion doesn’t stop with the mechanics, it’s important that your client interactions support the process.  Depending on your business, whether its transactional with a single client interaction of a few short minutes or a series of interactions it’s important to set the expectation.  The expectation that your objective is to deliver high quality and you’ll ask for feedback.  The best example I’ve heard on this topic came from a real estate agent, “My goal is to deliver 5 star service, I’ll ask for your feedback when we close.  At any time you feel I’m not living up to that I want to know.”  Its this type of expectation along with survey automation that plays out big in survey conversion.

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