Survey Reminders

survey reminders

Survey reminders are an important factor to high conversion.  Considering that customer surveys being sent from eEndorsements primarily are to capture valuable client reviews we’re often asked when and how many times should I send survey reminders.  It’s certainly helpful to have some insight and distinguish the status of your survey request.  Was it received, was it opened, was it clicked, and was it started.  This obviously can help you decide the next course of action, but in any case the squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say.

So how long should we wait before asking again?  An academic study at MIT on electronic communication response rates in general found if you’re going to get a response there’s a 80% chance of response within 29 hrs. If not there’s still about a 17% chance that you will get responded to within another 11 days. After that, assume that the silence is for good.  So be active, 3 requests over a two week window is a pretty good game plan for survey reminders.

The next question is what to say in the follow up.   Be creative, be polite, and attach the original request for good measure.  Remember as with any email campaign subject line is key, it’s the click bait to draw their attention and interest.  You always want to be testing and drilling down.  There’s also switching channels as a viable alternative. There is  research that suggests people are more likely to do what you want them to do if you ask several times in different channels.  Mix it up, pick up the phone and call or move the request to text.  Client review content is valuable and if your business is low volume relationship oriented vs. transactional this probably makes even more sense.

This completes a series on survey conversion for now.

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