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generate more reviews

Generate More Positive Reviews

How to Generate More Positive Reviews Online for Your Small Business Over 90% of shoppers look for reviews and feedback before buying a commodity. It’s great to get a sense of how previous consumers felt about the product or service. By generating positive customer reviews, you can present your business as dependable and satisfactory to […]
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5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs 88% of your customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, making them a tool your ecommerce brand can’t ignore. Below I’ve listed 5 types of reviews every ecommerce brand needs, including your own. Read on and start using […]
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first party client reviews

First Party Client Reviews

First Party Client Reviews: A Serious Sales Boost Reviews are the modern day word of mouth marketing. We live in a dynamic environment and it is obviously critical to asses and capture the importance and advantages of online reviews. However, as the market alters, so do different trends. With this in mind, we can see […]
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review insights

Review Insights

Review Insights- Powerful Platform Statistics: Review Insights- If there is one thing that you ought to be focusing on in terms of accumulating your customer base and enhancing the reputation of your company is getting . Word of mouth marketing is something that will never go out of style and importance and as such, you’d […]
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generating reviews

Generating Reviews

Generating Reviews: The Benefits that Stem Regardless of the type of services or products that you’re actively trying to place on the market, generating reviews is quickly becoming the brand new marketing currency as more and more people turn to their peer’s opinions in order to formulate a purchasing decision. This is absolutely paramount in […]
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negative feedback response

Negative Feedback Response

Negative Feedback: Turning it to your Advantage Your negative feedback response is a big part of your online reputation.  Wouldn’t it be great if all the feedback you get was stellar and glowing? Unfortunately, when it comes to the majority of business venues, the feedback is usually an equal mix of negative and positives. “Here’s […]
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back to school for business

“Back-To-School” Lesson for Business

The Importance of Customer Feedback: A “Back To School for business” Lesson It’s been a beautiful summer, but there’s no getting around the fact that the dog days are behind us and soon, school will be in session. While you might not have to buy scissors, crayons, and rulers to conduct your business, we could […]
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promote your success

eEndorsements- Promote Your Success

Promote Your Success Perhaps you’ve found yourself reading through online review after online review, wondering if that negative feedback or half-baked testimonial could really affect your business.   Well, let’s look at the numbers: 92% of prospective clients read online reviews, and 40% of those clients will form an opinion on what you’ve got to offer […]
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leverage customer reviews

Leverage Customer Reviews

Leverage Customer Reviews.  Here’s a no brainer, customers are the key to your business. Every business has either a product or a service to sell but we’re talking about more than single customer transaction value, leverage customer reviews.  It’s these same customers who judge if your products or services are good and hence can decide […]
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