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Cyber bullying or a wisely chosen online reputation management software

Billion Dollar bully, the investigative documentary on Yelp by Prost productions highlights the grave issue of cyber bullying of customer’s reviews by Yelp. The documentary also confirms Yelp’s CEO manipulating the reviews. It is not a new phenomenon that the world is unknown to. Infact, the present scenarios have indicated various online reviewing organizations and […]
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Attacked with Fake Reviews

What to Do if Your Business is Being Attacked with Fake Reviews

Attacked with fake reviews?  Fake reviews are the bane of many businesses’ existence. It goes without saying that if a customer has a bad experience, the owners can take it as an opportunity to engage with the customer, apologize and work toward improving the experience for everyone. But fake reviews, usually in large numbers in […]
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paying for reviews

Paying for Reviews – FTC Guidelines and What Does the Law Say?

Paying for reviews? A survey run by an e-consultancy company and Adobe determined that customer experience is by far the single, most impactful marketing trend and it’s likely to stay this way over the course of the next 5 years. More and more companies are starting to realize that flawless customer experience is by far, […]
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fake malicious reviews

Fake Malicious Reviews

Fake malicious reviews are a dark and sad truth of the internet.  Keyboards for hire by unscrupulous competitors or just nasty people with nothing better to do other than spew venom.  It happens.  Recently, I was reading Google reviews for a pool company recommended to me.  Their reputation was well documented online with consistent satisfied […]
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