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Online reputation management- an online makeover or a purple prose

The way companies interact with their consumers today through the internet has changed manifolds in recent years. The interaction between the companies and customers have changed as well. Becoming more of a two-way communication nowadays. What facilitated this communication is online reputation management or ORM. ORM is often misconstrued with monitoring an entity’s social media […]
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Strategies that make ORM a great opportunity for the businesses

10 years ago, advertisements, TV commercials were hot platforms for all business entities to expand. Internet was making its way slowly and technology was picking up with the introduction of apps and their usage. Within 10 years the technological advancements showed such an exponential growth that television, print media were overtaken by the wave of […]
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Guide to Online Reputation Management mistakes to avoid

It’s easy to create a brand and at the same time, it’s difficult to nurture it. It’s rather extremely challenging in today’s fast paced digital age. Businesses are proactively managing the online reputation. However, in some scenarios, unconsciously we tend to commit a few online reputation management mistakes that cost us our brand. As your […]
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Online reputation management


“A good reputation is more valuable than money”-Publilius Syrus The famous quote has great impact in today’s digital world. Where a positive online reputation can build your brand or product, thus increase your sales. This brings us to next important step which is how much value an online reputation management system can add to our […]
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Online Reputation Management and Influencer Marketing

The technological advancements and social media networking sites has given way to online reputation management. The consumers are shifting online to understand a brand and its products. Gone are the days when people counted on advertisements and made their purchases. Today its the era of Influencer Marketer, where people look forward for a person who […]
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Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies during COVID pandemic

The world is engulfed in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a negligible chance of countries unlocking themselves from the lock down. Giant Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook have been remotely working and so does the other companies. During such times, when staying close is a big no, marketing and promoting becomes difficult. Instead, brands […]
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Reputation strategies crisis management

Reputation Strategies To Implement during COVID-19 pandemic

Amidst the present situation, when the world is fighting against nCOVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to determine what will be the future impact of it. From primary industries like farming to quaternary industries like IT, everyone is suffering losses.But as it’s said every cloud has silver lining, therefore we can initiate and execute reputation strategies […]
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User-generated content

User-generated content and Its relevance in online reputation

User-generated content or UGC as the world knows is a powerful technique where content is created by the end users in the form of online reviews, digital photographs, testimonials, videos etc. Such content can be utilized to its maximum potential for deriving organic traffic onto your website and build a stronger, positive online presence. About […]
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salon online reputation

Manage your Salon online reputation management

Talking about online reputation, there is fierce competition between professions that all they want is to win and stay ahead. By far, this is the mantra. Even the healthcare and beauty industry aren’t freed from such competition. Thereby, salon online reputation is being actively considered by local and leading salons in the world. With globalization […]
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Localized Marketing

Localized Marketing to stay at top in 2020

One of the promising marketing strategies in 2020 is localized marketing. Localized marketing doesn’t conform to only businesses that are present locally or only have a specific community to target. It has more meaning to it now. Small or big, whatever the size of your company is, it is imperative to have a local digital presence to […]
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