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LinkedIn Brand Reputation

How to Utilize LinkedIn to build a brand reputation

Owing to LinkedIn’s massive expansion at the professional front, many brands are resorting to it for building a solid reputation.While for most of the world, it is considered as the only stop for professionals to network and build connections, more businesses and brands like restaurants, start-ups and other industries are promoting themselves on LinkedIn. With […]
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Social Proof

7 Ways Social Proof Can Boost Your Conversions

Social proof is phenomenally powerful in the ecommerce world in particular. Robbed of the in-person information provided by a brick-and-mortar store, the online buyer needs more convincing to be sure that the item they’re looking at is going to suit their needs. And what’s more convincing than feedback from those who’ve previously bought it? Now, […]
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How To Get Great Testimonials

How to Get Great Testimonials

How to get great testimonials….Testimonials and reviews are important to every business for two main reasons: they create social proof and instill trust in you and your business. Social proof just means that when people see others patronizing a business or using a service, they feel more comfortable doing so themselves. It’s akin to appealing […]
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build social proof

6 Ways to Build Social Proof

6 Ways To Build Social Proof From The Ground Up   Last week, we talked about why building social proof is so important for your business. While it’s certainly imperative to understand the reasoning behind this facet of your marketing strategy, it’s also crucial to know the foundations on which social proof is built. If […]
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social proof marketing

Social Proof Marketing

What Is Social Proof Marketing & Why Does It Matter?   Social Proof Marketing- Every day, we make more decisions than we even realize. Those decisions come as a result of how we’re conditioned and influenced by the people around us — both people we know and strangers’ words that we browse through. That influence […]
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