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email subject lines

Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines: Tips on Increasing Open Rates Email Subject Lines- Just spend a moment thinking about the amount of unopened or deleted emails that you have in your inbox. If you are like the majority of people, this number is probably somewhere in the hundreds. The truth is that we tend to get a […]
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video email

Video Email Personalizes Your Communication

Video email is a nice touch to personalize communication.  As a marketer optimization is constant; delivery rates, opens, and click through are a constant study.   We’ve been posting a series on survey conversion, last week we wrote about the importance of personalizing your feedback request.  What better way to accomplish that than video email. Our friends […]
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how to ask for a review

How To Ask For A Review

How to ask for a review in a way where you get high conversion starts with the basic task of just asking. In the last few posts we’ve discussed survey conversion in terms of process and delivery, the mechanics of having an efficient feedback program go along way.  But, we must not forget that a client testimonial […]
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survey conversion

Survey Conversion

Survey Conversion, It’s fair to say a lot of consumers are a bit survey fatigued.   But, that doesn’t negate the fact that feedback is vital for your business.  Feedback helps you to understand what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement.  Especially feedback components like testimonials and endorsements that serve as social proof in the […]
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