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tips for more effective testimonials

3 Tips To More Effective Testimonials

3 Tips For More Effective Testimonials Tips for more effective testimonials-  Testimonials from customers are so persuasive because they come from people who have used your product and not from you or your salespeople. An effective testimonial is worth its weight in gold because it has started the important process of establishing your credibility and […]
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How To Get Great Testimonials

How to Get Great Testimonials

How to get great testimonials….Testimonials and reviews are important to every business for two main reasons: they create social proof and instill trust in you and your business. Social proof just means that when people see others patronizing a business or using a service, they feel more comfortable doing so themselves. It’s akin to appealing […]
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when to ask for a testimonial

When to Ask for A Testimonial

When is the Best Time to Ask for a Testimonial? When to ask for a testimonial?  Testimonials can sometimes be the main thing that sways business your way instead of steering it to your competitor. A good testimonial from a satisfied customer is a heartfelt endorsement of your company and the service that you offer. […]
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