Top three positive review building scenarios through ORMs

Negative to Positive reviews

It is one of the strategies to garner positive review for a business or individual among the customer or audience and stay ahead of your competitor. It is one of the means of hogging positive limelight by controlling the information about a business or an individual using online platforms. Yet, businesses are still unaware of its benefits. Let’s find out the top scenarios where ORM can be your savior.

Scenario 1- When you are in need to develop a loyal customer base as well as expanding a business  

Industry statistics say that 90% of customers believe their buying decision is influenced by the positive review of a service or product posted online. Airbnb tapped the formidable online presence of influencers (people who are most followed on social media sites like Instagram, twitter or facebook) as a part of its strategy to grow and expand its business. Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga are only a few of the many celebrities who have shared sponsored posts with their fans highlighting their Airbnb stays. Lady Gaga tweeted to her more than 25 million Instagram followers about her stay at an Airbnb Houston property during the 2017 Super Bowl. She received more than half a million likes and thousands of comments in return. Thus, generating a tremendous amount of exposure for Airbnb. This is how Airbnb got a sudden expansion of customers by effectively channelizing social media in a positive direction.

Scenario 2- When you want to maintain a clean image about the business/entity

As per an industry survey, it is more likely for an organization to lose its business opportunities if they have negative publicity. In fact one of the reputed business magazines, Forbes accepts that its top priority is to maintain a squeaky clean image. Online reputation management is a great way to achieve the same. Kylie Jenner, a popular American TV personality and world’s youngest billionaire(as per Forbes 2019 survey) tweeted about a Snapchat redesign app. This moment led to Snapchat’s stocks plummeted by six percent. Snapchat responded to the tweets from various users by apologizing for the discomfort. Infact, through its company statement, it entrusted the users that they are modifying the app to make it more user-friendly.

Scenario 3- When you want to turn a disaster into an opportunity and improve customer satisfaction

In 2011, Tacobell restaurant chain landed in a controversy as it was accused of using a product called” seasoned beef” which just contained 35% real beef. A lawsuit was filed against them which was voluntarily withdrawn as well. Tacobell quickly responded by revealing the actual ingredients in their recipes and launched a reputation management campaign that said “would it kill you to say you‘re sorry?” distributed through their social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and in print too. As a result of prompt action, Tacobell was able to minimize the reputation damage and it was well received and appreciated by its customers.

In this arena of digital technology, when the reputation of an organization or business is a click away, it becomes an integral part of the business to float right information about itself . Online reputation management is an evolving online positive review building strategy to cultivate, serve and maintain a good brand name and a standing online.