Update your online reputation management plan and strategies for 2020

Update your online reputation management plan

Much more than the ground, it is the digital space where your presence, your online reputation and credibility matters. To stay ahead of competitors and mark a position at top, you should assess the market for recent trends and updates regarding your industry. As I expect, by now everyone of you must have been agile in executing the online reputation strategies, the article reminds you of updates that you need to acknowledge in case you missed out.

1. Search engines

Google is the widely used search engine. Gone are the days when using certain keywords would land your website in top searches when googling. As it said, when you become smart the smarter gets smarter. That’s where Google hired quality evaluators and tested search engines with various scenarios. For instance, if through the usage of one keyword you somehow manage to show first, but, at the same time, google evaluators found the quality or irrelevant usage of keywords, they would rank you lower. That’s when you need to run a quality check of your website by assessing the rating guidelines set by Google and other engines.

2. Professionalism continues to proliferate

The Gen Y doesn’t seem to anytime boycott social media, instead millions account are being registered on various social media networking websites. Consumers love when professionalism is followed on the web as well. In lieu, well maintained and defined social media accounts continue to attract the attention. If you want organic traffic on your website, mark my words and keep your social media accounts updated and upgraded with latest technology trends.

3. Keep a strict watch on false or defamatory reviews

Laws are lenient when it comes to ‘right to be forgotten’ in States as compared to the ones in Europe. People can obtain any information on being searched online. This leads to access of fake or defamatory remarks. To avoid such situations, keep a close eye on every activity that happens in and around your brand. Such instances can ruin a well built online reputation.

4. Competition is higher

More and more online reputation management service providers or companies are now entering this industry. Reputation management is a daily routine event and the increasing demand has opened doors for many providers to offer their services. Businesses have a dedicated team that performs reputation management tasks and team up with third parties. So, if you are one of the reputation management service providers, you should consider your market now. It’s high time!

That being said, any reputational damage will make you climb down the ladder of success. This 2020, focus on building an impressive reputation