User-generated content and Its relevance in online reputation

User-generated content

User-generated content or UGC as the world knows is a powerful technique where content is created by the end users in the form of online reviews, digital photographs, testimonials, videos etc. Such content can be utilized to its maximum potential for deriving organic traffic onto your website and build a stronger, positive online presence.

About 84% consumers believe in buying a product only after thoroughly reading other consumers reviews. In lieu, various marketers across the globe have their trust in user generated content marketing campaigns to receive the acknowledgements, increase brand’s reach, engagement and thus boost sales.

For instance, every year in December, Starbucks, the leading coffee company and coffeehouse chain, starts a campaign with #RedCupContest. The loyal customers must buy the red cup first, paint it, post a picture and get rewarded with Starbucks gift card.

Such campaign was welcomed by the customers which increased the sales during the quarter. It also made news of converting the campaign into leads and more clientele.

Based on these successful events, user-generated content act as a magical wand to expand and market the brand.  Let’s have a look at how it is useful.

1. For the customer and by the customer

Brands don’t have to rely on costly marketing campaigns or paid promotions as the content is created by the users itself which is directed to other customers. The outcome is a win-win situation where the existing customers get acknowledgements from the brand. Furthermore, the brand increases its chances to boost the sales.

2. The product gets a social proof

In today’s customer-oriented market, more than anyone, customers trust other customers when purchasing a product. At the same time, it is crucial to monitor online reputation and to what the world speaks about you on the digital platform. In these events, with the use of user-generated content, a brand can provide a social proof of its service or product for increased credibility and authenticity.

3. Effective and economical content marketing strategy

Till date, it is difficult to curate an effective content marketing strategy that speaks volume. Where brands usually invest in graphic designers and content marketers for devising content marketing strategy, a less effort, time and cost are involved when generating user-generated content. It is usually beneficial for small and medium sized business, who don’t have bigger marketing budgets to compete with the bigger fish in the market.

That being said, the way your audience uses your product can get more leads as compared to scripting it on reel life. Likewise, more trust is built within consumers. This results in better and positive online reputation as well which qualifies the brands searches at the top in different search engines. If UGC can be so useful, why not utilize it. Think on it and get it going!!