User Generated Content

user generated content

How To Get Stronger User Generated Content For Your Business


When it comes to generating content to increase your company’s online presence, your customers and clients just so happen to be an excellent resource. In fact, user generated content is a proven and effective way to connect with both current and potential customers. So, how does your company conjure up user generated content and use it most effectively? The goal is to present content that’s relatable to consumers, engaging, and authentic, ensuring that whoever sees it personally connects with your brand. Here are some tips for how to do it.



  1. Treat each client like an ambassador to your brand. Engage, respond, and interact with happy customers, because they are unofficial ambassadors for your company. When potential clients see their positive feedback and your subsequent positive response, it helps establish trust before the potential client even uses your services.
  2. Create anticipation and keep it going. Say you get a handful of positive reviews from happy clients — your first instinct might be to share them, one by one, on social media. However, in order to effectively harness user generated content as a marketing tool, you can stretch a bulk of positive reviews out over time. You can also create anticipation by creating original content around those reviews — A social media post about the customer’s review, what they had to say, and an offering of further services, for example.
  3. Create a company specific hashtag. Hashtags are the most effective way to link to a body of information about your company, so it’s important to hashtag your client reviews and content on social media — especially those that build upon one another.
  4. Create Promotions using your client testimonials. Your discounts, consultations, or other special promotions are stronger when presented with client testimonials.  This will present better ad copy and encourage more participation in your offer, it’s also a great way to create a foundation for getting continued feedback.


By optimizing user generated content, you’re adding a proven marketing tool to your overall strategy.