Video Email Personalizes Your Communication

video email

Video email is a nice touch to personalize communication.  As a marketer optimization is constant; delivery rates, opens, and click through are a constant study.   We’ve been posting a series on survey conversion, last week we wrote about the importance of personalizing your feedback request.  What better way to accomplish that than video email.

Our friends at covideo have created an excited technology service that allows you to deliver personalized video email layered over any URL.  In practice this would allow you to personally request an endorsement by video on the same screen as your survey form.  Imagine how this could work in your business and improve your survey conversion.  Having the opportunity in your own voice to express appreciation to your customer while articulating the importance of their review and what it would mean to you.

In this survey conversion series we’ve also weighed out the topic of delivery channel and how texting is more likely to grab attention than email.  You’ll also want to be sure you check out covideo’s mobile app it provides the same functionality through your phone allowing you to  deliver your video via text.  This offers a really exciting solution to small business or a service professional.  You can really check all the boxes to capturing more client reviews, while making it really easy and efficient.

Of course covideo service has many uses beyond feedback and review requests.  Using video email in your lead generation and lead nurturing process is an extremely nice touch.  Video email helps to stand out from the crowd and put a face and voice to what would otherwise be just another generic email.   You could also use video email as service or event communication, there are tons of applications for your business so give it a try.

Next week we’ll continue the topic of survey conversion with best practices on constructing a survey.