Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing

Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing

Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing, word of mouth has always been the most consumer preferred marketing method. While it produces reliable referrals and often a steady stream of business, the truth is, in its traditional form, it can’t keep up with the demands of a digital age.

Today, we want information, recommendations, and reviews, and we want them now. We are rarely interested in anything that takes longer than a moment to find, and that’s why video reviews fit the bill nicely.

As video reviews become more and more popular, it’s absolutely vital that you recognize the various ways they can be utilized to further your marketing reach. For instance, your strongest reviews should always be shared. This means that not only should you post them on the various social media channels and outlets, but you can also share them via your company e-mailed newsletter.

Additionally, posting these reviews on your company website is important. It’s also wise to continually update the reviews because websites that are updated frequently rank higher in Search Engine Optimization algorithms. This means that your site will be easier to find and the reviews posted will have a higher likelihood of being seen.

Research tells us that the wide availability of mobile phones has contributed to this increased affinity for video reviews. Consumers would far rather watch a video on their phone than attempt to read a review whose print may be difficult to read.

If your company participates in trade shows, video reviews are the future of marketing and will be even more powerful. As potential clients wander about, they are far more likely to give their time to a booth with screens playing positive testimonial than to a booth where a salesman may corner them. They are also more likely to remember your company if they viewed a video. Brochures and pamphlets, while helpful, are quickly becoming supporting documents to the power of video.

It used to be true that video production was prohibitively expensive, but with the wide utilization of mobile devices, this is no longer true. While an increase in production quality is always possible with a higher financial investment, in most cases, it’s not necessary.

If you decide to invest in a professional grade video review project, it’s encouraging to know that a large majority of businesses report that such an investment yields excellent returns.

The power of video reviews on marketing strategy cannot be overstated. With the ability to really show consumers how the reviewer feels through powerful tools such as facial expressions, tone of voice, emotional exhibitions, and even demonstrations, it builds a level of connection that words on a page cannot.

As technology continues to drive marketing further into the digital age, a savvy company or business will continue to create opportunities to incorporate the human element into that strategy. Video reviews are the future of marketing and the way to do this; person to person shared experiences build trust and that trust turns into relationship, which then turns into a thriving business with a reputation to carry into the future.

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