Video Testimonials Impact SEO

Video Testimonials Impact SEO

Video Testimonials Impact SEO.  As the use of video technology increases, so too does the opportunity to build a brand and drive business to your site. In the past, video testimonial has not been properly utilized in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

To properly use SEO one must have a strategy in place. This strategy must incorporate a thorough understanding of SEO and of quality video production. Without one or the other, the full capabilities of this incredibly powerful marketing tool cannot be realized.

What’s Your Purpose?

The first thing you must do if you want to use video testimonials to build SEO is to ask yourself what your ultimate purpose is. Are you seeking to build awareness? Are you simply trying to drive traffic to accomplish this?

Maybe you desire to ultimately convert clicks to purchasing consumers. If so, you need to be fully aware of the kind of testimonials that will pack the emotional or information-hungry punch you need to accomplish this.

Whatever your goal, keeping it at the forefront of your project is incredibly important.

The Relationship Between Link Building And Brand Awareness

Often people don’t realize that there is actually a very strong relationship between raising brand awareness and link building. This is a beneficial side effect of brand building that can be easily overlooked.

When video testimonials are well crafted and effectively promoted with the target audience, they are easily shared. Original approaches or dynamic, information filled videos fit this mold well. When they hit the mark, they have the possibility of going viral. A viral video presents a unique opportunity as most who share the video will include links back to your website or page.

In this way, you’ve killed two birds with one stone. Your brand is in front of the eyes of your target audience, and when the connection is built, the included links drive traffic to your site.

What Does The Customer Want?

The customer wants the fastest, most original, most accessible method for gathering knowledge or meeting a need. As you determine the kind of video testimonial you wish to feature, it’s important to always keep in mind that ultimately, it’s about serving your target audience.

Addressing the most often addressed questions and concerns of your target audience is an excellent way to accomplish this. It’s also helpful to know the cultural similarities within your demographic. If it’s mostly college students, for instance, you’ll want to keep the mood current and colorful with a heavy reliance on technical knowledge.

This sort of sensitivity can only increase your brand building and ultimately, the purchasing power of your demographic.

Video Testimonials Impact SEO

Video testimonial Impact SEO but it’s only just beginning to fully utilize the power of SEO. AS you consider your business strategy, this medium belongs at the top of your list. Give your customers a reason to see you as more than a distant website, but as real people who are offering something real people need and use.

Video testimony is your way forward, Video Testimonial impact SEO.

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