Website Testimonial Feed

website testimonial feed

A well placed website testimonial feed is a critical component to your business website drawing high visitor traffic.  Typically you’ll find your testimonial page your 2nd or 3rd most visited behind your pricing or services page.   It stands to reason it’s part of the consumer journey; what do you do, how much does it cost, and what are your references.

Nothing new there.  What has changed is the relationship building process. With easy access to an abundance of content buyers are more educated and they understand their choices and options long before they ever talk to you.  There’s all kinds of stats on the internet how consumers look at reviews 80-90% of the time before a purchase.  Ultimately your website is the centerpiece of all this education, what you offer and how you differentiate  your product or services.  You need social proof why people are doing business with you and how they benefit.  It’s an enormous part of story.

eEndorsements offers a website testimonial feed that automates all your reviews directly onto your website.  No maintenance, no cut and paste of new customer feedback, it’s easy and looks fantastic!  It can be customized to blend perfectly with your web design.  You can design it as a vertical scroll, a horizontal slider, and select the exact colors of your website.  It even includes your overall ratings and review count as a summary.  Best of all it’s easy just place a snippet of code on any page you’d like your website testimonial feed to display.

Where do you display your website testimonial feed?  Check your analytics, this is a conversion tool so any appropriate high traffic, high engagement content on your website.  You can install your website testimonial feed on as many pages as you like.

  • Home page
  • Your About Us page
  • Your pricing page
  • Near any call to action content
  • Paid Ad Landing pages