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website video testimonials

Why You Should Have Website Video Testimonials

Website Video Testimonials- According to Digital Information World, around 55% of people watch videos online every single day. That’s huge, and it is indicative of a growing global trend, the move from reading content to watching it online.

Taking notice of it is not a case of cashing in on the latest trend, but rather a case of the survival of your business. Website Video testimonials feed into this trend, provide almost instant credibility and can convey information more effectively than the written word.

Think of it this way, you can tell your potential clients what your clients have said about your business, or you can let your client’s do the work for you.

Credibility Improves

Let’s say that I run a catering business. I can write on my site that Joe Bloggs said, “The best food ever.” Some people are going to take that at face value, but others will be skeptical. After all, it is easy to make up a name and a quote.

On the other hand, if I film Joe Bloggs saying that I make the best food ever, the person watching the video can see that this is a real person and not some fictional character that I made up.

They Are More Likely to Watch Than Read

You are a busy person, what do you think when you see a page of text when you are doing research? Now maybe it is just me, but I never feel, “Fantastic, I really wanted to read more testimonials.” And, it’s not that I hate reading – I am an avid reader. It’s just that I am selective about what I read.

Written testimonials just don’t appeal to me. Put it in video format, however, and it doesn’t seem like such a commitment in terms of time and effort. I’ll sit back and relax and see precisely what the person has to say about the product or service.

More Useful Information

When I am making a buying decision, I can pour through all of the information, I can read through all of the specifications for pages and pages, but all I really want to know is whether or not this product or service is going to be right for me.

People who have actually already been through the experience, will create a kind of synopsis of what was important to them. They are not going to give me all the details about what I am getting, but they should be giving me enough information to help convince me that this company is the right one to deal with.

All in all, a personal recommendation coming directly from the person giving it trumps a quote any day of the week. Website Video testimonials require no work on the part of the person watching them and can be a lot more interesting than dry written text.

Seeing a real, live person give an unscripted endorsement of your company will score you high points in the credibility stakes. Make it simple and easy for potential clients to get the information that they need to make the final buying decision by including video testimonials on your site.

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