What is Hashtag Marketing and its benefits?

Hashtag marketing

Hashtag marketing is the upcoming form of digital marketing strategy where the hashtag is the source of marketing. Hashtags are words, titles or phrases that help send a powerful message and make the searches easy.

Well, nobody was aware of the power of the Hashtags, not even hashtags itself (WINK!) that one day it would become such an integral part of digital marketing platforms and social media campaigns. With hundreds and thousands of post and tweets floating every day online it is difficult for a brand to stand out. Hashtag marketing paved the way for various brands to stand out in the crowd. “Hashtags not only make sure that your brand reaches the target audience, hashtag campaigns, if done right, can also help your brand become trendier and searchable .”

Lets list down some of the benefits of Hashtag Marketing-

1. Boost your online presence: Hashtags make online search easy. The clever usage of Hashtag+keywords can help a brand to engage an audience and boost the online presence of a brand or commodity. Coke, in order to boost its sale and presence among other competitors, carried out a campaign named #ShareaCoke—Coca Cola. It not only helped Coke in expanding its customer base by reaching millions of viewers but also revamped its image online by garnering positive publicity.

2. Promoting a brand: When you have a set marketing plan at hand, Hashtag marketing is a quick and easy way to promote and run a successful campaign and event. Further, Instagram influencers have been acting as a medium by promoting the brand through several contests from their online accounts. Their brand promotion strategy through efficient use of hashtags leads to the huge popularity of the newly introduced flavors and the brand as well. Grabbing the attention of the users and increasing online presence of your brand is one of the biggest advantage of using hashtags.

3.Win the loyalty of the customer: Customer satisfaction is a crucial element these days whether it is a small-medium business or multinational organization. They keep the customers and their trust at the forefront and devise many ways to win over them. Lately, Hashtag marketing has presented a better means of staying in the good books of the customer for long and sometimes even forever. Hashtags build an emotional connect between the brand and the customer, thus provide a customized experience to the customer.

4. Influencing a noble cause and make way for a branded hashtag: Influence of hashtag marketing can make you immensely popular across the world in a moment like a wildfire. For instance, Disney #ShareYourEars campaign made millions of money which it then donated to Make a wish foundation. Implementing plans and promoting your brand through such acts will make way to fabricate a branded hashtag which will popularize your brand on the social media networking sites.

#hashtag has become an integral part of digital interaction, allowing people across different social media platforms to be brought together under the same thought process. Hashtag marketing helps a brand to stay in trend and that’s how it contributes to the growth of an organization or a brand. The hashtag is the talk of the town in today’s era and is gonna stay here for long.