WordPress Testimonial Plugin

wordpress testimonial plugin

Looking for the best wordpress testimonial plugin check out the wordpress marketplace for eEndorsements.  Easily stream all your client testimonials directly to your website automatically.  No more cutting and pasting or manually typing content to your page.  Break away from the boring web page templates that have 2 or 3 containers for static client testimonials.  Display all your reviews in a custom designed testimonial feed and easily capture new reviews from all your customers with eEndorsements.

The eEndorsements plugin is the most customizable testimonial feed in the marketplace.

The design control panel allows you to match the colors and style of your site and easily display anywhere on your webpage with a simple shortcode.  The feed is auto responsive so it adjusts to the design size of the container whether it’s a page footer, sidebar, whatever.  It’s device responsive as well so it looks fantastic whether your site visitor is viewing on mobile, a tablet or a desktop computer.

The eEndorsements wordpress testimonial plugin is the perfect fit as an enterprise solution.

Examples being a mortgage company with several loan officers each with their own individual web pages or a multiple location company where each location has a page. With the eEndorsements testimonial wordpress plugin you can design unique feeds for each loan officer or location through a single wordpress domain.

Testimonials drive conversion, having the flexibility and convenience of being able to display your positive customer experiences on multiple high traffic areas is paramount.  If you’re using wordpress to host your website the eEndorsements wordpress plugin will serve your site native review content that drives search engine optimization.  Helping your site to get found and converting more of those visitors to customers.

If you’re using wordpress to host your website you’ll definitely want to check out the eEndorsements wordpress plugin.