Yelp Reviews Not Visible

yelp reviews not visible

Are your Yelp Reviews not visible?  Your customers are leaving you valuable reviews on Yelp, but they’re not being published where local consumers can see your glowing customer experiences.  Well that’s the thing with Yelp, the platform uses discretion to show the reviews they feel are most relevant to the consumer looking for your business.

So how does that work?  Despite business owners suspicion it’s not a scenario where my Yelp reviews not visible because I didn’t pay for their advertising.  It’s based on the activity of the consumer leaving the review.  At the core of it all, Yelp discourages any business from directly asking clients for Yelp reviews.  The Yelp platform has a proprietary review recommendation algorithm.  Its intended for active Yelp consumers (Yelpers) leaving reviews for other consumers to find and share business experiences.  That being said a review left by a Yelper with an active profile and routinely leaving reviews will carry weight.  Their review is much more likely to be recommended and displayed vs. the consumer that’s just left their first review on Yelp for your business.

The other significant pain point for business owners with Yelp are the competitor ads.  Unless you pay to play anyone visiting your Yelp profile will first see your competitors before ever seeing the recommended reviews of your business.

So as you peel back the onion here’s the dilemma.  As a business do you invest money and effort where your business may not get an accurate reflection and where all of your customers have a chance to be represented?  Yelp’s not going anywhere anytime soon, it hosts about 145 million unique visitors a month.   But, platforms like Google and Facebook definitely represent the greater audience and arguably have more local consumer influence.    You can’t necessarily ignore Yelp but it shouldn’t be the focal point of you client review management.

eEndorsements is a review content creation and management hub.   You can easily request client reviews noninvasively and invite your clients to share where they’re comfortable, including Yelp.  All the while your growing search and social content that is your social proof.



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