Adapting New Marketing Approach and Evolving How We Manage Online Reputation


With the evolution of the digital age and the present circumstances, it is apparent that novel scenarios will rise owing to easy acres to information and a plethora of brands available online. Brands have now moved from what on social media to how and when on social media in 2020. For that matter of fact, managing an online reputation in the ever-evolving digital demographic is a daunting process. That being said, brands need to keep refining and revising their marketing approaches to create an online presence.

Marketing Approach #1- Build a strong online presence even if it’s on a single product.

Social media is no longer anticipated as a pass-time tool but a necessity that will cost you much if you ignore it. There are brands that are producing a lot. There are brands that give away tonnes of options to consumers for purchase. But then they lack the understanding that when consumers are given tonnes of choices they tend to retract. In the digital era, you must acknowledge to stand out in the crowd. For instance if you are starting a beauty brand, assess what you can provide to customers that other brands are unable or are providing in lesser amounts. Not surprisingly, if you stand strong on one service or product, you can convince customers to buy other products subsequently. The online reputation built on a single product can pave the road to success for other products or services

Marketing Approach #2- Reach out to customers differently

The communication landscape has expanded exponentially with the era of the world wide web and the internet. So does people have easy access to various brands and their services being available online now? So how do you manage your reputation? Here, we suggest you to opt for this online reputation approach where you can market research what influences their buying behavior, which social media platforms have access to your target customers particularly and what fascinates the customers. Is it influencer marketing, infographics, expert videos, etc. Touching the micro-moments in another way to market and reach customers differently. Bear in mind, it’s not the strategy that works its the customer tactics that will bring online success. 

Marketing Approach #3- Online Engagement is the new tactic

The traditional consumers are now digital consumers. With access to a plethora of brands, attracting their attention towards your brand is a tough nut to crack. In such situations, you can allow creativity to flow. Explore new ways of engaging customers on your brand accounts. Create a poll or post an image of a product and ask them questions on how differently consumers use the products. With such marketing campaigns, you can increase brand loyalty and thus make connections strong. 

Everything has its own pros and cons. And then we can expect the unexpected when it comes to challenges and user-based stories. What matters the most is how quickly and wisely you identify such challenges and adopt an agile mindset to keep learning and evolving faster.