Effective utilization of Hashtags on various social media platforms

Effective hashtags utilization

By now you must have known that a hashtag is a kind of a tag used on social media either by the user to find content related to a theme or by the creator in order to make his work easily discoverable. Hashtags thus act as tools for people and brands who want to reach out to many audiences.

We live in times when the power of social media is ever-expanding. The virtual world has so much to offer that in order to represent your words, opinions, ideas and pictures, you simply need a hashtag. This is true not only for an individual but for every leading brand in the global market.

Hashtag marketing is a common strategy employed by companies to raise awareness among people regarding their ideas and products. They are in vogue and there’s no reason why you should shy away from using them. The world shouldn’t miss out on what you have to offer. What matters the most is the art of using these hashtags effectively.

#Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook revolutionized the way people used to socialize. With a greater number of posts every day, using hashtags became important. The minimum number of these on a Facebook post should be around one or two. The experts mention to have a quick look at Facebook tips available to have relevancy in the post. Make sure you either create your own tags or use the ones that are most appropriate. Excess of everything is bad, so they say. Bear in mind this undisputed fact while using hash-tags and you’re good to go. Overuse or using them before every word is a grave mistake. By doing this you are, in a way, taking the soul of your post away as too many hashtags can annoy the audience

#Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram gets the maximum attention from hashtags. Therefore, a successful Instagram marketing strategy must involve hashtag marketing. Keep an eye on the tags that attract most of the audiences and their attention. Follow the popular hashtags to gain insights and stay abreast with the updates. Type in clickable hashtags in your Instagram stories.

On an average, an Instagram post must include 9- 12 tags. Trending hashtags should certainly form a part of your posts but at the same time do not hesitate to show your creativity. Uniqueness will make your profile/brand exclusive and desirable to the world.

#Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is regarded as a serious public speaking platform. A recent research showed that tweets with 1-2 tags received twice as much engagement as the tweets with none. The golden rule for effectively using them is to use the right keywords. Keywords that define your posts in an exact manner are of utmost importance. The right choice of words will ensure that your post is reaching out to the right people, to your target audience.

#Hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags were not functional on LinkedIn, until it proved its worth. Having said that, LinkedIn tags should be professional, around 1-2 in number and to the point as it can shift the reader’s attention to other professionals’ posts. Also, be careful with the spellings. Make sure that your hashtags are not misunderstood. Capitalizing the first letter of the word is the safest option in this regard.

Wrapping it up, it cannot be denied that hash-tagging is simple and efficacious if used properly. With a simple sign (#) and a little creativity you bridge the gap between your perfect world and your audiences.  So, what are you waiting for? Just hashtag your way to discover-ability.


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