How to Utilize LinkedIn to build a brand reputation

LinkedIn Brand Reputation

Owing to LinkedIn’s massive expansion at the professional front, many brands are resorting to it for building a solid reputation.While for most of the world, it is considered as the only stop for professionals to network and build connections, more businesses and brands like restaurants, start-ups and other industries are promoting themselves on LinkedIn.

With the increase in demand, lets understand how to utilize LinkedIn for building a positive online reputation. 

  • Utilize Pulse Blog

Pulse Blog is LinkedIn’s publishing platform to publish your brand message. It gives a platform to voice your brand services and products to potential customers. As it states that there are profiles from all walks of world, therefore brand must be careful when they are publishing their content. It should be noted as to which group of professionals are, they targeting. Is it the C-Suite Executives, or B-Level Managers?

  • Understand the Type of LinkedIn Profile

There are essentially seven different kinds of people profile on LinkedIn. From an Influencer to a Group Member, the people are categorized into different groups. Interestingly, we can gain deeper insights and watch how LinkedIn employees utilize their own product. How they bring value to their customers.

If a brand wants to increase its followers, it can either be done by following an Influencer or becoming a member of Group. The content posted would then be circulated and accordingly your social presence would increase.

  • Gauge the time

LinkedIn as its known for professional networking, it does abide by the professional rules. It understands the value of other professionals’ space and time. Having said that, it is a good practice to have your post published by analyzing the available hours of the professionals. Monday mornings and Friday evenings are the most busiest hours as everyone is busy with the respective work. Therefore, one should choose other days of the week to publish.

  • Consider advertising on LinkedIn

Looking at the nature of the platform, it is comparatively expensive advertising on the platform. The point that is crucial here to understand is the outcome of the results. The more focused people look for solutions at these platforms. Once a brand service or solution starts selling, the leads begets leads through word of mouth on LinkedIn.

Although there are so many advantages when it comes to choosing LinkedIn for building brand reputation, a brand needs to do homework in order to wisely utilize its features to gain maximum output in minimum time.