Marketing strategies during COVID pandemic

Marketing strategies

The world is engulfed in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a negligible chance of countries unlocking themselves from the lock down. Giant Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook have been remotely working and so does the other companies. During such times, when staying close is a big no, marketing and promoting becomes difficult. Instead, brands can leverage on available tools and marketing strategies to keep their online presence alive and adapt your marketing during the COVID pandemic.

The following tools or strategies can be utilized to the maximum for digital marketing.

  1. Influencer Marketing
    The Gen Z counts on influencers more than other paid advertisements. In the present situation, influencers on various social media platforms can market the brand in varied ways. For instance, a food company can market its products by leveraging on influencers to share at-home recipes using companies products or a beauty brand can endorse its products by posting at-home beauty regime involving its products. Through this, you can even spread the awareness among-st masses for the WHO guidelines and to stay safe and healthy.
  2. Live Streaming
    Going live on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram will connect to your clients in real time. The live video streaming marketing strategies is one of the effective marketing strategies as it is reported to significantly increase the engagement and brand awareness. The videos are available for viewing even after the live event ends which acts as cherry on the cake. A brand can showcase and promote its new product (if launch was due) amid the COVID pandemic. It can also boost interactions with the viewers and have a humanized marketing event.
  3. Info-graphics
    Infographics, creative flyers and posters can be a feast for eyes for consumers who are tired watching corona-virus news. Post regularly on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with visuals that spread happiness. GIFs can be another fun way to bring a smile on your consumers’ faces. The info-graphics markets has gained popularity on the well- researched fact that visuals tend to attract more attention and live in the minds’ of people much more than text or other forms of content. Re-purpose old content, blogs, quotes, case studies in the form of infographics for more attention towards history, present status and future endeavors of your company.
  4. Go Digital
    Make plans to go digital if you are not yet there. With various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, you can take your business online and at-least make some money. Though it isnt the right time to venture to online market as the demands are varied and situation- specific, for instance, the essential commodities and not luxury items. But atleast something is better than nothing. If you are an antique shop and looking for buyers online, give the buyers an opportunity with customized payment plans. Not only will it publicize your brand, but prepare your brand for future opportunities.

Lastly, the corona-virus impact cannot be calculated. Least we all can do is to stay happy and stay motivated and follow social distancing to fight against the virus.