Foundation for A Successful Online Reputation Campaign

successful online reputation management

How To Build The Foundation For A Successful Online Reputation Management Campaign


The concepts of a successful online reputation management, or ORM, might sound complicated, but the process of strengthening your online reputation is actually quite straightforward. The process becomes easier still when you have a few guidelines to follow along the way.


For starters, you want to get your business’ story out there in as broad terms as possible. There’s no way to promote a business that has no online identity, so getting your info online as soon as possible is imperative. Start a blog, beef up your content sharing platforms, and push your Google My Business page — all of these things will help provide the foundation to build your reputation from.


Once you’ve given your business a solid identity, you can continue to boost your online reputation by boosting your social media, including your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and even Pinterest pages if relevant. You should also make sure that your LinkedIn page is up to date with your company info, and use those platforms to push your positive feedback.


Finally, once you’ve got your business identity and social media platforms in place, keep in mind that everything online lasts forever. This doesn’t just include your negative reviews and feedback — it includes outdated information, incorrect information, and old news items about your company. As such, it’s important to cover all of your bases, even if your instinct is to shrug old content off as irrelevant.


Next week, we’ll continue this series where we’ll touch upon several of the ways that you can protect your privacy in the midst of a successful ORM campaign. Until then, check out some of our past blog posts or you can find more information on how to manage your online reputation with eEndorsements.